About Me

I’m Jen!

I’m a wife and mom to three littles. I love boots, iced vanilla lattes, and the rare occasion to get my nails done. I love God, and most importantly, I’m learning about his love for me, his love for each of us. And it’s changing my life.

This blog is that journey.

I’m not a seminary school scholar, a pastor or a great theologian. I’m not even a practiced blogger. I’m an average American, a stay-at-home mom whose days are marked by Paw Patrol, wrestling my children through diaper changes and desperately trying to understand the mental breakdowns a bath can cause.

But I have seen God move.

I don’t see Him move because my faith is so great. It’s not. I promise, it’s not. But God is great. I promise, He is.

This blog is not about me and my story. This is about God and his work. He is Jehovah, the Great I Am, the one whose powers exceed all powers, and He is available to us. He cares about us. He gave up his life for us.

To those who are searching, I write to introduce to you a God who loves you more than you’ll ever understand, to encourage you to step into his love. To those who have questions or are walking through suffering, I write to join you in the wrestling. To those who believe that their lives don’t matter because they aren’t anything special, I write to walk out of that lie with you. And to those who are comfortable, I write to challenge you to journey further with me.

Wherever you are at, I invite you to soak in the Son with me. May we grow closer to the One who sustains it all.

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